Aleppo Honey Chicken, Chick Pea Hummus, Mid-East Pilaf, Broccoli Garnish (for 2)

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Aleppo pepper, as the name suggests, is named after the war-torn city in Syria. Ubiquitous in Middle Eastern and Turkish cooking, aleppo peppers are burgundy-hued dried, crushed chiles similar to crushed red peppers flakes but with a fruity, fleeting tingle. For Jay’s Aleppo Honey Chicken aleppo pepper flakes are combined in a marinade with lemon juice, tamari, olive oil, honey, paprika, cumin, and garlic; the grilled piquant chicken is served with a side of hummus and Mid-East Pilaf (made with long grain rice, onion, peppers, pasta strands (or orzo), and chick peas.)

Prefer gluten free? Ask for brown rice in the notes section.