Anthony Bourdain’s Boeuf Bourguignon with Parsley-Buttered Egg Noodles (for 1)


Anthony Bourdain’s classic recipe for beef slowly braised in red wine results in a nourishing wintry stew. Bourdain called for searing cubed meat in oil (caramelizing it) then adding sauteed onions, chopped carrots, garlic, and herbs (thyme, parsley, bay leaves), followed by red wine which cooks and reduces down, after which flour is sprinkled in (for thickening).  The stew slowly cooks for 2 to 3 hours while the juicy parts in the pan are stirred and scrapped. To soak up the sauce, parsley-buttered egg noodles are served on the side.

“The late Anthony Bourdain’s boeuf bourguignon is repeatedly one of our most-viewed recipes every year. The secret sauce? I’m guessing some combination of a famous personality, a classic dish, and a darn good sauce, coaxed into rich, silken luxury over two-plus hours of cook time…this is (always) one of our highest- and most-rated recipes.” – Washington Post

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