Broiled Lemon-Cracked Peppercorn Haddock, Shallot-Parsley Butter, Mushroom-Orzo Risotto (for 1)


Jay’s Broiled Lemon-Cracked Peppercorn Haddock fillets are spritzed with fresh lemon, melted butter, lemon-pepper seasonings, fresh parsley, and paprika, then flash-roasted at 450 degrees. Served with Shallot-Parsely Butter, Mushroom-Orzo Risotto (made with chopped onions, celery, button mushrooms, garlic, orzo, arborio rice, and turmeric). Assorted vegetables on the side. #WeLuvJAYS2GOFish

Gluten-free brown rice can be substituted for risotto, upon request. 

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