Curried Chicken and Apple Salad, Chopped Greens, Cherry Tomatoes, Pita (for 1)


One of Jay’s summer jobs during college was at a gourmet deli in Georgetown — D.C., that is. It was the dawn of the culinary revolution and the curried chicken and apple salad, with its bright yellow hue and enticing blend of savory and sweet flavors was the #1 best seller.  Jay’s version calls for boneless, diced chicken (white and dark meat), chopped celery, roasted red peppers, raisins, apples, a smidge of onion, curry seasonings, turmeric, cumin, mayo, and mango chutney, all tossed together and garnished with tomatoes. We’re serving the chicken salad with a side of greens and pita bread. #MakeASammy!

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