Baguette+Brie+Pistachio Pesto=Heavenly (for 2)


Imagine working next to a bakery and every morning you smell the unmistakable and joyful aroma of fresh bread coming out of the oven. While we can’t bottle the aroma, we can deliver the bread. This week we’re pairing two mini-baguettes (6-inch loaves) with a wedge of French brie and a generous portion of Jay’s audacious Pistachio-Walnut Basil Pesto (also includes garlic, olive and canola oil, spinach, and Parmesan cheese.) Spread the pesto over the open face bread, layer on a slice of brie, top with leftover veggies or deli meat from your fridge and broil in a toaster oven or conventional oven. The trio of toasty bread, melty cheese, and intensely fragrant pesto will leave you feeling, to paraphrase the chef in the movie “Big Night”, as if you touched the face of God. 



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