Grilled Santa Fe Chicken Salad, Mixed Greens, Black Bean-Corn Salsa, Cheddar-Jack (for 1)


Jay’s Santa Fe Chicken Salad starts with steeping boneless chicken in a marinade (lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, canola oil, garlic, cumin, gluten-free soy sauce, parsley, brown sugar, and mild (dried) New Mexico chilies), then grilling over a roaring flame. The succulent chicken is chilled, cut into strips, and served over a bed of Romaine, arugula, and cilantro leaves, and joined by roasted cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, *Black Bean-Corn Salsa, Jack-Cheddar cheese, with Balsamic-Agave Vinaigrette on the side.  

Black Bean-Corn Salsa is made with roasted peppers, onion, cilantro, lime, black beans, garlic, and corn.



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