8-Vegetable Baked Ziti with Mascarpone-Ricotta and Marinara Filling (for 1)


Jay’s savory Eight Vegetable Baked Ziti features a plethora of vegetables: mushrooms, spinach, carrots, roasted bell peppers, onion, zucchini, kale, tomatoes and garlic, submerged in a hearty marinara sauce blended with luscious mascarpone and ricotta cheese (with mozzarella, provolone, egg, and penne) and baked ’till perfection. A week’s worth of vegetables in every bite! #MondoComfortFood

Random Note: Jay’s maternal grandparents were from Sicily, they literally came over on the boat. At an early age, Jay was introduced to his Nana’s red sauce, an aromatic tomato sauce that simmered for hours over a low flame on the stovetop. When the sauce was thick and lusty, Nana would start the spaghetti. After about 10 minutes she’d pick a noodle out of the boiling water and fling it against the wall; if the noodle stuck to the wall, the pasta was done. All this to say, when Jay makes Marinara or Bolognese, he is not really following a recipe;  he is remembering and sharing the flavors of his ancestors, of his heritage. 

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