Bailey’s Irish Creme Chocolate Cheesecake with Oreo Cookie Crust (for 1+)


Who doesn’t love a dessert with Bailey’s Irish Creme in it, especially in winter?  This week’s Bailey’s Irish Creme Chocolate Cheesecake uplifts and brightens our winter-weary, slush-trodden spirits…Oh, wait! Jay doesn’t live in central New York anymore (“The Tundra”); he moved to sunny Colorado 20 years ago. Actually, he has many fond, character-building memories of skating on glacier-formed lakes, building igloos in the backyard, catapulting his car over gigantic snowdrifts in mall parking lots (a rite of passage), and dodging falling icicles when leaving for school every morning. But we digress. This delicious, boldly flavored cheesecake will brighten your mood and lift your spirits, no matter where you live or where you came from…

Baked by the immensely talented pastry team, Two Sistah’s Eats.

Ingredients: coming soon!


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