Maine Seafood Chowder with Shrimp and Skillet-Seared Fish (24 oz, for 2)


Jay’s version of the classic Maine seafood chowder calls for an abundance of fish and shrimp simmered in a caldron along with potatoes, onion, garlic, celery, carrots, clam broth, fresh parsley, and thyme, all slow-cooked together until luscious and luxurious. For a twist, we’re quick-searing the fish (tilapia and cod) before adding to the chowder, firming up the texture. At the finish, Jay stirs in light cream and dry sherry (a lesson learned from working summers on Cape Cod during  his youth.)

“A rich, flavorful, thick-with-ingredients chowder is a Mainer’s birthright, or at least ought to be. I am convinced that in all likelihood, chowder was the first dish concocted in Maine (by non-natives), very likely by European fishermen who brought codfish caught and salted on the Grand Banks ashore to dry in Maine fishing stations along the coast. I’ll bet anything that they were not roasting beef and baking apple pie.” – Excerpt from “The Art of Making Traditional Maine Chowder,” Bangor Daily News.

*Traditional Mainers include salt pork or bacon, but we’re skipping that step.


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