Mango Chicken Indienne with Coconut Basmati Rice (for 1)


Back by popular demand! Chicken Indienne starts with boneless chicken breasts diced and seared in a skillet; in another pan, onions and tomatoes are caramelized. The chicken and onion mixture are combined with Jay’s house-made ‘Major Grey’s mango chutney, simmered with curry powder and turmeric. The dish simmers, then is served over coconut basmati rice. The flavors range from fruity sweet to sour and tangy. Garnished with market veggies. #Yummy

*Major Grey-style Mango Chutney Ingredients: Diced mango, apple, garlic, raisins (or craisins), figs, onion, vinegar, lime juice, tamarind, brown sugar, turmeric, curry seasonings.  


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