Jay’s Mango Chicken Indienne with Yellow Basmati Rice, Mint Raita (for 1)


Where it all began: Mango Chicken Indienne was one of the first breakout dishes of Jay’s career. Boneless chicken breasts are diced and seared in a skillet; separately, onions and tomatoes are caramelized in another pan.  When the time is right, the chicken and onion mixture is combined and a house-made Major Grey’s mango chutney is added to the pan along with curry powder and turmeric. The dish is brought to a healthy simmer (stirring) and served with fluffy basmati rice. The flavors range from fruity sweet to sour to tangy. (It is sometimes referred to it as “Indian jambalaya”). Mint Raita on the side (a cool yogurt-cucumber condiment).

Major Grey-style Mango Chutney ingredients: Diced mango, apple, garlic, raisins (or craisins), onion, vinegar, lime juice, tamarind, brown sugar, curry seasonings.  


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