Nana’s Supper Bolognese with Angus Beef, Pork Sausage and Penne (for 1)


Nana’s Supper Bolognese with Angus Beef and Pork Sausage features two sauces: first, a classic marinara with San Marzano plum tomatoes, onion, carrots, celery, garlic, basil, and oregano, simmered for hours. Next, Nana’s lean but meaty Bolognese slow cooks with Angus ground beef and pork sausage links, braised with garlic, onion, and carrots, then simmered with red wine, milk, plum tomatoes, parsley, basil, and thyme. Linguini gets tossed with marinara, then layered with Nana’s luxurious Supper Bolognese.  Topped with mozzarella and provolone cheese and fresh parsley. #Mangia

Jay had a real Nana – and Nono. They came over on the boat from Sicily, landed on Ellis Island, and settled in Ithaca, NY.  Nana Franciamone taught him a vital cooking lesson: when cooking pasta “al dente,” throw a noodle against the wall. If it sticks, it’s done. Capiche?


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