Honeycrisp Apple-Pecan Pound Cake with Caramel Glaze (for 1+)


Rural upstate New York (where Jay grew up) is known for its scenic lakes and gorges, cornfields and dairy farms, and most memorably, apple orchards. When folks went apple picking, they didn’t come home with a little basket – they came home with a bushel. This week’s dessert – Honeycrisp Apple Pecan Pound Cake – celebrates the versatility, flavor, and abundance of locally grown apples. Deliciously baked by Two Sistah’s Eats. Serves 1+.

Cake ingredients: Flour, sugar, butter, eggs,  sour cream, apples, baking soda, pecans, cinnamon, salt.
Glaze: Butter, brown sugar, pecans, milk, vanilla extract.

Two Sistah’s Eats (Rena and Deborah) is the next generation of one of Denver’s favorite and legendary restaurants, M & D’s Café. Their catering business is located just east of Stapleton.  Visit their website at twosistahseats.com.

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