The Most Ultimate, Epic Chocolate Brownie Ever (for 1+)


Where to begin: ever since 1938 when Ruth Wakefield added chopped up bits of a Nestle’s chocolate bar into a cookie, the brownie has played second fiddle to the All-American cookie. Jay thinks it’s primarily due to tactile differences – a brownie can leave smudges on your fingers and lips while a cookie’s tight crumbly texture makes it the perfect finger food anywhere, any time of day. (Disclaimer: Jay has never turned down a cookie or a brownie in his life.)

Which brings us to Two Sistah’s Ultimate Chocolate Brownie, made with – are you ready – semi-sweet chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, coconut, walnuts, pretzels, and caramel. Honesty, this decadent brownie has left the realm of handheld treats and is more of a full-blown dessert along the lines of chocolate torte and ganache. You’ll need a fork to savor every devilish bite of this deliciously satisfying dessert.    

Ingredients: coming soon

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