West African Jollof Chicken Rice (for 2 or 6)


West African Jollof Rice is a one-pot meal traditionally served at festive occasions. (Granted, festive is not a word that comes to mind lately, but the feeling of spring is a harbinger of better things to come.) The dish starts by sauteing onions, celery, bell peppers, carrots, garlic, and ginger, then adding tomato paste, curry powder, paprika, thyme, and organic chicken broth, converted rice, green peas, and boneless dark and white chicken, and cooking the one-pot dish until the rice and chicken are tender and the rice is semi-fluffy. Garnished with parsley and cilantro at the finish.

Choose between 2 servings or 6+ servings (in reheatable oven tray).

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Serving Size

Serves 2, Serves 6+