Bubbe’s Potato Latkes with Sour Cream and Apple Sauce (for 2)


For Bubbe’s Potato Latkes, Russet potatoes are meticulously scrubbed, hand-shredded, then massively squeezed over a colander until all the liquid is released. The potatoes are combined with shredded onion, eggs, wheat flour, baking powder, black pepper, and salt, then formed into dumplings and dropped onto a hot oiled skillet (and gently padded down to form round discs.) The latkes cook until golden brown, then get transferred to paper towel-lined plates, ready to be served with apple sauce and sour cream.  (Serves 4 decent-sized latkes.)

This holiday season is hard for everyone, especially if you’re missing a Bubbe or Poppy, Nana or Nono, Taita or Gido, Grandma or Grampa (or if you’re missing your grandchildren.) Over the next few weeks, JAYS2GO will feature recipes that taste like the homes we grew up in. If you have a special recipe that reminds you of home, send it to Jay (jaysgourmet2go@gmail.com.)

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